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Find the right solutions to your counseling, consulting, and/or mental and behavioral health needs with a licensed clinical provider or certified human service provider from Deerwood Social Work and Counseling Services. Although located on the boundary of Allegheny and Westmoreland counties in Southwestern Pennsylvania, the multidisciplinary network of providers affiliated with DeerwoodSWCS are available on-site, nationally and internationally, to individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities seeking consultation, life coaching, stress-related assessment, intervention planning, and training. .

In addition to the consultation, life coaching, planning and training services listed above, providers affiliated with the DeerwoodSWCS network offer a variety of Southwestern Pennsylvania based services including, but not limited to: clinical mental and behavioral health assessment and intervention, crisis intervention and disaster-related response, individual and family counseling, play/art/music therapy for children, social skills and leadership training, and specialized parent education groups for those who have children with suspected or already assessed special needs (gifted and talented children, children on the autism spectrum, traumatized children, children with behavior problems, children with developmental delays or disrupted attachments, etc.). Support services and training for caregivers and consultation related to respite care and/or placement in residential treatment and long term care facilities is also available for those who have decided that this is needed.

We specialize in providing you with a unique approach to help you define and reach your specific mental/behavioral health and wellness goals. We also specialize in working with family businesses, organizations and communities impacted by dysfunctional behaviors and systems that interfere with wellness and productivity. Our team of experts uses a strengths-based approach to help you recognize both strengths and problems so that strengths can be maximized and actions can be taken to effectively and constructively solve problems related to mental/behavioral health, wellness and social role functioning.

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